About us

We met in 2008 in Talca, Central Chile, when we were both working for the same German tour operator.

For nearly a year we organised tours for German speaking groups to show them the varied natural beauty of Chile and Argentine. We travelled throughout the entire country, getting to know and appreciating the fascinating dry north as well as the wet south.

Central Chile with its mediterranean climate finally won our hearts. Here, in the seventh region “Maule”, we found the real authentic Chile.

For us it was “una maravilla”, a wonder, to discover this heavenly place on earth.

In the immediate vicinity there are beautiful national parks, lagoons and lakes, hot springs, mountains and volcanoes to climb, waterfalls and vineyards to discover.

We would love to assist you in exploring the attractions of the immediate surroundings on foot or on horseback. Guided tours are also possible.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Marion & Ursina


About me, Marion.

Already very early in my life I was attracted out of the Black Forest into the big wide world. To travel, to get to know other countries and cultures in all of the continents and to get away from the winter.

I came back to Europe in summer and worked in the professions which I learned, namely as a qualified hotel expert and travel agent. My love for Chile is so great that I have given up my desire to travel.

Here I have found the perfect place to live.


About me, Ursina.

As a qualified expert in tourism I am fascinated by travel, other cultures and far away places. My favourite way of exploring distant countries is on horseback. I have ridden through Ireland and Arizona and yet for me, a Swiss by birth, there is nothing comparable to the Chilean Andes.

Here I spend a great deal of time riding and enjoying the peace and quiet.

My fascination for this country quickly became a life dream.