Tours and Excursions

We can help you to explore all the attractions of the area individually on foot or on horseback. Guided tours are available.

Furthermore, we let you in with advice and practical support and help you plan your individual trip to Chile. E.g. Book Flight, hotel reservations, car rental, hiking trails, horse tours, etc.

Half Day Tours

- Vilches, National Park Altos de Lircay

Hiking or horse tours in easy terrain with a beautiful view and a unique flora and fauna. We recommend Majadillas, Punto de aguila, Piedra al mono etc.

- Lago Colbún

Walks along the lake with wonderful views of the turquoise blue lake and a pleasant sea breeze that will make the trip memorable.

- Trekking on horseback

In the immediate vicinity.

Day trips:

- National Park Siete Tazas

Arrival by private car or public bus 2 to 3 hours. Beautiful trail to the "Siete Tazas" along about 1.5 hours and finally swimming at the waterfall "Velo de la novia".

- Laguna del Maule

Only with private transfer is possible because no buses verkehren.Fahrzeit about 2 hours each way along the curving road to "Paso Pehuenches" by a few mountain villages with great views of the idyllic mountains of the Andes.

The Laguna del Maule is near the Argentine border and offers a picturesque setting along with the opportunity to swim.

- Arcoiris waterfall

Approx. 1.5 Hours Directions by car to Argentina. Very nice about 4 hour hike past many waterfalls in largely unspoiled nature. When the sun is unforgettable rainbows are sighted.

Bevors car goes back, a few kilometers can continue towards Paso Pehuenches an unforgettable bath be taken directly to the precipitous edge of the falls.

- Lago Colbún

For what, people loving, it is possible to go by bus or car to the nearby artificial lake "Lago Colbun". There can be can stroll along the lakeside. A picnic at the lake can be a relax in this day and recharge your batteries.

- Private National Park Tricahue

One about 4 hours walking in a great variety of plants and birds can be beobeachtet, past the oldest tree in the area "El Tata" with a memorable girth. With any luck, the Chilean parrots "Tricahue" be spotted on this hike.

- National Park Altos de Lircay

The National Park Altos de Lircay offers several possibilities for day trips.

Certainly the hardest hike from the park entrance through the beautiful beech forest high on the Enladrillado, more than 1000 meters of altitude difference. Here you have a beautiful view of the volcano "Descabezado Grande". About the ridge about the same height you reach the "Laguna del Alto". From there the trail leads back down and back to the park entrance. Effective Hiking time about 9 hours.

Less stressful and less steep the hike to the "Mirador Valle El Venado", the view is the same spectacular volcano views. Walking time about 5 hours.

- Sand dunes of Putu

Approx. 2.5 hours by car or public bus to Constitución. From Talca after Consti can also Ramal, the last narrow gauge railway to be taken, which makes the whole trip more adventurous. By train, the trip takes about 3 hours because it stops on demand everywhere. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed already through this journey possible.

From Constitución from the walk takes to the dunes of Putu about 2 hours through a varied flora to the sea and back on the beach.

If there is time, it is a must to visit the landmark of Constitución, the "Piedra de la iglesia", nesting on the thousands of gulls and pelicans and risk from afar a look at the sea lions.

- Trekking on horseback

Day trips on horseback are to experience the easiest and next in the National Park Altos de Lircay. High on horseback are the 1000 meters at the Enladrillado and Laguna del Alto less stressful, but still not to be underestimated. Otherwise, the trip to Mirador is very nice on horseback.

- Vineyard tour

Multi-day tours:

- Circuito de los condores

Here are tours 3-8 days possible on foot or on horseback. The hike leads through an indescribable environment that is more reminiscent of a lunar landscape. During this migration, you should have a guide there and seis just so he leads the mule carrying the luggage.

- Tours of the Melado Valley

Walking or comfortable on the back of a horse in a stunning setting in the Andes and past various lagoons. Depending on the individual presentation possible from 3 days.

For further information we are available to you.